Koobilya Schedule

Class - Red

5-8 years

Players learn the basic fundamental strokes of tennis through fun activities on a modified net with large red balls.

Monday: Not Available
Tuesday: Not Available
Wednesday: Not Available
Thursday: Not Available
Friday: Not Available
Price Per Session
Paid Termly Duration
$30 1 hr

Class - Orange

8-10 years

Players learn more advanced techniques on a modified full size court with normal sized 50% compression orange balls.

Monday: Not Available
Tuesday: Not Available
Wednesday: 08:00-09:00
Thursday: Not Available
Friday: 08:00-09:00
Price Per Session
Paid Termly Duration
$30 1 hr

Class - Green

10-12 years

Players practice their technique and tactics on a full size court with normal sized 75% compression green balls.

Monday: 15:30-17:00
Tuesday: 08:00-09:00
Wednesday: Not Available
Thursday: Not Available
Friday: Not Available
Price Per Session
Paid Termly Duration
$30 1hr
$42 1hr 30min

Registration Fee: $40 for all players

Koobilya Private Coaching

30 Minutes 1 Player $60
45 Minutes 1 Player $80
2 Players $44
60 Minutes 1 Player $105
2 Players $60
3 Players $50
4 Players $40

Upcoming Tennis Competitions and Events

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Voyager Tennis Programs

Whether you’re playing for fun or training to compete, we’ve got the perfect program for you.

Tennis Hot Shots program
Junior Tennis Coaching
We provide coaching lessons for children that focus on players learning the skills of tennis in a fun environment.
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Private Coaching
Private Coaching sessions help to maximise players improvement with specific individual feedback from our elite coaches.
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Voyager Tennis runs a variety of school programs to promote participation in tennis for all ages and levels.
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Inclusion and Diversity
Voyager is an inclusive organisation that is committed to providing opportunities to all people to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of tennis and other sports.
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Opening Hours
Monday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Tuesday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Wednesday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Thursday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Friday: 7:00am – 9:00pm
Saturday: 7:00am – 7:30pm
Sunday: 7:00am – sunset
Facility Details
Address: Opposite 14 Koobilya St Tennis Court, Seaforth NSW 2092
Courts: Two resurfaced synthetic grass courts (2022 upgrade)
Clubhouse: Bathroom
Reception: Phone: (02) 9907 9180
SMS: 0480 097 558
Parking: Parking is free on Koobilya Street
Voyager serving
Koobilya St Tennis Courts

The Voyager Way

Our mission is to enhance people’s lives through tennis. When you train with us, our qualified coaches will teach you all the techniques you need to enjoy tennis regardless of your age or ability. Everyone is welcome to come and play!

Meet Your Coaches

World-class coaching from our team of qualified tennis professionals.

Bruno de Moraes Wagner

(2023) AATC Development Coaching Course
(2023) AATC Advanced Coaching Course
BACHELOR`S DEGREE IN SPORT SCIENCES; Universidad of Passo Fundo (UPF) Passo Fundo. Brasil. 2004-2007
PERSONAL TRAINER CERTIFICATE; Universidad of Santa Maria. Rio Grande do Sul. Brasil. 2006

TENNIS COACH COURSE; Confederação Brasileira de Tenis. Brasil. 2007
TENNIS COACH CERTIFICATE; Real Federacion Española de Tenis (RFET) Madrid. 2011

Playing History

ETM Escuela Tenis Mataro 2021-2022, Club coach and personal coach of Lorenzo Giustino (HighestATP 127)
CMC COMPETITION 2019-2021, Club coach and personal coach of Alina Charaeva (Highest ITF Junior 10), Finalist in Roland Garros junior 2020;
Personal coach of professional tennis player Silvia Soler (Highest WTA 54) 2017-2019, Experienced in all Grand Slam Tournaments, WTA Tour and Twice experience in Federation Cup with Spain;
FTM Federación de Tenis de Madrid 2010-2017, Head coach of 18-and-under woman`s team and every level courses


What you love about Tennis? 

My passion for tennis began when I was a kid and could not even hold the racquet, that has not stopped since. It`s the same passion that makes me want to improve every day and consequently be a better professional in my field.

Tennis Lessons Narraweena

Valerio De Genua

ITF 2 Level
PTR (Professional Tennis Registry) Certification
GPTCA (Global professional Tennis Coach Association) Certified by ATP
Ethics in Coaching ITF Certification
Strategy and Tactics ITF Certification
Italian Tournament and Competition Referee 1 Level
( G.A.A.F)
F.I.T. Sport Manager Level 2
Co-Founder DAS Tennis (Italian Tennis Tournament Organisation Company)

Playing History:
Italian Tournament Player
Serie C Italian Competition Player
Junior Development Director and Head Coach for various club in Rome, Italy

What I love about Tennis?
“Tennis does not shape the character, it reveals it. The beauty of this sport is that you have to face a lot of challenges, defeats and hard training but the reward, the feeling when you manage to achieve a goal, is priceless. Every single drop of sweat worth the journey.”

Tennis Lessons Wakehurst

Max Stephens

Tennis Australia Junior Development Coach
Tennis Australia MLC Hot Shots Provider
9 Years Coaching Experience
Ontological Coaching Course (Currently Completing)
Bachelor of Arts
Australian Open BallBoy (2008, 2009)

Player History
Victorian State Junior Squad Member at Melbourne Park
Grade A Melbourne Pennant Player

What I love about Tennis?
Sport has a fascinating way of transcending the dualities that usually exist between us. All walks of life come together to celebrate the wins, or comfort one another in defeats. There is a giving aspect to coaching that really speaks to our true nature – the quality of my day is dictated by how well I was able to help someone else get better at something, it’s a spiritually rewarding feeling.

Nick Nguyen

(2023) AATC Development Coaching Course
(2023) AATC Advanced Coaching Course
Graduated Bachelor of Business at the University of Newcastle
Graduated ATPCA Level 3 Master Tennis Pro Coach
Currently studying the Bachelor of Sport Coaching at Australian Colege of Physical Education.

Playing History
Have competed for the University of Newcastle tennis team division 1.
I had coached for Wakehurst Tennis Center from December 2018 till April 2020.
I started working at TennisH20 with Hans after that from June 2020 till Oct 2022

What I love about Tennis?
I have started playing tennis when I was 18 years old, since then I have love how competitive tennis is, how it help me to improve my mentality as it constantly presents me with opportunities to focus, to overcome obstacles and to rise to the occasion with patience and perseverance.

Bachelor in Business Administration (Accounting) Biola University, CA, USA (2015-2018)
MBA Biola University, CA, USA (2019-2020)
USPTA Certified (2018)

Playing History
ITF Ranked Junior Player
National top 15 Juniors boys 18s (Thailand)
All-Conference Award Golden State Atheltic Conference NAIA Singles and Doubles California, USA (2016,2017)
All-PAC WEST Player (2018)
Highest doubles-winning record in program history NCAA DII (Rank 19 in the Nation)
NCAA-Sportsmanship Award (2018)
NCAA DII Varsity Collegiate Coach (Biola University) (2018-2019)
NCAA DIII Varsity Collegiate Coach (Whittier College) (2021-2022)
Somerset Hills Country Club Teaching Pro (2017,2018)
PJ Tennis Academy Senior Coach (2022) Bangkok, Thailand
Players coached earned full-time Scholarships offered to John Hopkins, Westpoint, Pepperdine, and NYU.

What I love about Tennis?
Tennis will never fail to teach you more about yourself, regardless of the level that it is played at. It is a foe at times, as well as a best friend. A source of joy and hardship. The ultimate battle ground to develop one’s character, and a gift for us all to share.


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