Junior Tennis Coaching

We provide coaching lessons for children that focus on players learning the skills of tennis in a fun environment. Our programs are designed to teach all players how to play a competitive match and when ready players can be invited to participate in our selective & performance programs.

Tennis Hot Shots

The Tennis Hot Shots program is designed to have kids rapidly progress with key skills on the court, so they can learn to love the game of tennis at a young age. The program uses smaller courts, lighter racquets and low compression tennis balls that don’t bounce too high and move slower, making learning tennis fun, safe and easy for kids.

The learning through play philosophy encourages kids to have fun, gain tactical skills in tennis situations, improve their motor skills and build social skills. Tennis Hot Shots incorporates four progressive stages to help develop children’s skills and confidence at their own pace:

  • Blue: Ages 3-5
  • Red: Ages 5-8
  • Orange: Ages 8-10
  • Green: Ages 10-12

Most children aged 10 and under will have a lot of trouble covering a full-sized tennis court, resulting in shorter rallies and poor technique. By reducing the size of the tennis court, children are able to develop more realistic footwork patterns, better technique and experience rallies, making learning tennis more fun and achievable.

A great way to improve on the tennis court is to join a friendly and fun Hotshots competition. In these sessions children can practice their new skills and gain experience in matchplay in a safe and friendly environment.

Another way to improve quickly is to join a holiday tennis camp which provides a full day of tennis with professional and qualified coaches.

Around 10-15% of our Hotshots students who are showing the most amount of progress are invited into our Performance squads. These sessions are designed for players who would like to experience rapid progress and make tennis their number one sport.

Find out more about the Voyager junior elite tennis pathway and how your child can continue to progress their tennis with our full time academic program and opportunities for US College Scholarship.

Program benefits

The tennis hotshots program has a number of fantastic benefits for kids. They include:

  • Developing fundamental motor skills such as agility, balance, coordination, striking, throwing, catching and running which will all improve their tennis greatly as well as compliment many other sports as well
  • Improving social skills by spending time with other kids learning, competing and participating in team games and activities
  • Develop self esteem and confidence through improvement and progression
  • Increased discipline. Our fun classes have rules based around listening, applying 100% effort and being respectful to others and kids who step out of line will be disciplined appropriately
  • Learning how to play the sport of tennis which is one of the only sports you can play for life. Once kids learn the basic tennis skills, they have those for the rest of their life.

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