Full-Time Academy Program

The Full-Time Academy Program at Sydney Olympic Park is designed for tournament level players and above and encompass all of the components required to become world class. Players will have access to a quality on court program, physical training, injury prevention screenings, sports psychology, US College Guidance, tournament mentoring, private lessons and parent education.

Our mission is to deliver a world class tennis program to our athletes, enabling them to achieve their full potential on and off the court.

Program Components

Elite performance holiday camps

For students who attend other schools, there is still an opportunity to get involved in The McDonald College tennis program which runs in line with NSW school term dates.
Many of Sydney’s private schools break up 1 week earlier than our academy program finishing date, which provides a great training opportunity during that week.
It’s quite common for students attending public and other schools that run in line with the academy program, to attend an Elite holiday camp for a day or 2 during the last week of the term as well.

For more information about the performance holiday camps including dates,  please visit tennis holiday camps or contact soptc@voyagertennis.com.

School holiday tournament mentoring

The Voyager Academy encourages all players to use the school holiday period as a time to test their progress and compete in the numerous tournaments on offer. 

Our Tournament Mentoring Service is where our Voyager coaching team travels to tournaments to provide valuable mentoring to our players.

International players

The McDonald College Program currently has a number of students from various countries including Japan, China, India, United States, Singapore and more. For more information for players coming from overseas visit our Internationals Page.

About The McDonald College

The Mcdonald College has a student population of just under 300 students from Kindergarten to Year 12. It is co-educational and non-denominational. Being a co-educational and non-denominational independent school, the College aims to kindle a deep love of  performance whilst fostering academic rigour and a life-long love of learning. The school day is structured so that students can dedicate 2.5 -3 hours of tennis training each day.

There are 3 levels of performance offered:

  • Years 5 & 6
  • Years 7, 8 & 9
  • Years 10, 11 & 12

The aim of the Voyager/McDonald partnership is for students to successfully graduate from Year 12 with an HSC ATAR worthy of a U.S. or Australian College/University Scholarship.

The McDonald College prides itself on providing flexible learning options for students recognizing their many performance demands whilst completing their secondary schooling to the highest individual level.

The McDonald College recognises that students working at an elite performance level will require understanding and support to attend tournaments and be personally organized/disciplined enabling them to complete all academic requirements concurrently. Many of our players are Nationally Ranked for their birth year.

For more information about the college visit The McDonald College website.

Accommodation Options

For The McDonald Students who don’t live in Sydney there are a number of accommodation options to consider:

  1. The Academy Boarding House is now available for both boys and girls. The boarding house is situated on campus at The McDonald College, which is in close vicinity to our training base at the Sydney Olympic Park Tennis Centre. Along with our Regional, Interstate & International athletes, this is a fantastic option for families who struggle with Sydney commute times.
    All details of the boarding program are available here.
  2. Home-stay is another option for our athletes, to provide a normal family environment and players a further support group outside of training. This includes the option of staying with another The McDonald College student’s family who lives in Sydney.
  3. For short-term stays while you are in Sydney, click here to view the accommodation options near Sydney Olympic Park.

For further information on accommodation options including boarding please contact soptc@voyagertennis.com

Enrolment and Contact Us

The steps to enrol in the Tennis and School Performance Program are as follows:

Step 1: Register to attend our next Tennis Open Day to get an insight into how the Full Time Elite Program is delivered
Step 2: Book in for a trial day where players can experience a full day in the program combining the academics and tennis
Step 3: Arrange your course attendance dates. Enrol with both the Voyager Tennis Academy and with The McDonald College
Step 4: Pay course fees prior to commencement of program & complete and sign all forms

Playing level and attitude criteria
Please note that there are no guarantees of a player being accepted into the program. This is an elite program with many of Australia’s best junior and senior players and we only accept players with a UTR that meets the academy requirements.

Program Dates
The Tennis and Schools Program runs in line with the NSW School term dates.

Course Fees
Fees will be provided on application (N.B. All international transfers and Agent Fees are additional)

For more information please Contact Us.

Tennis and School Testimonials

What our Voyagers say about us.