Full-Time Academy Program

Program Summary

The award-winning full-time Academy program in Sydney is designed for tournament level players and above and encompass all of the components required to become world class. Players will have access to a quality on court program, physical training, injury prevention screenings, sports psychology, US College Guidance, tournament mentoring, private lessons and parent education.

Our unique program has received several industry awards including Best Tennis School & Tennis Australia’s prestigious Newcombe Medal for Coaching Excellence in Talent Development.

Our results range from multiple National Junior Championship titles to winning main draw matches at Grand Slams. We currently have over 50 students who have received scholarships to US College Programs. These scholarships are valued up to $500,000.
Please view our Nationally ranked players page for more information.

Our mission is to deliver a world class tennis program to our athletes, enabling them to achieve their full potential on and off the court.

Program Components

Our philosophy is based on ensuring our Voyager athletes are continually improving towards defined, shared objectives and goals throughout the elite tennis pathway. We have a systematic approach to goal setting continually benchmarked against the ‘4 key cals’: Techni-cal, Tacti-cal, Psychologi-cal, and Physi-cal development.

Our coaching team is led by Luke Bourgeois, a former ATP Tour Pro and one of Australia’s leading high-performance coaches. Along with having a proven track record developing world-class players, our coaches have all played top level junior tennis, been coached by some of the most experienced international coaches and many have competed on the professional tour.

In addition to our training program, our athletes compete in weekly competitive match play sessions. These vary from practice matches based on key learnings from the week, UTR match play, team-based college matches, in-house competition ladders. The sessions are often filmed for our athletes to review.  

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In partnership with Precision Athletica, one of Australia’s leading High Performance Development centres. Precision’s team of exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists design and deliver programs with multiple gym and fitness sessions every week. Our athletes develop skills such as speed, agility, endurance, core stability, strength, power, balance, flexibility, and posture, whilst being able to reduce the chance of short and long-term repetitive injuries. 

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The Tennis Specific Musculoskeletal Screen is designed and delivered by Precision Athletica for Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. This provides our athletes with access to the same level of practitioners and high-performance training equipment that professional athletes and Olympians would have access to.

Our partner from Mentally Tough Tennis delivers our psychology program. This provides our athletes with the tools and strategies to take advantage of their physical, technical, and tactical skills in practice and matches. Also provided are tennis parenting workshops, to empower parents to nurture healthy psychological development.

Our athletes have access to video analysis and analytics through our partners at 1-3-5 Tennis Analytics. This is the same level of service that is currently delivered to leading ATP and WTA Tour players. Our video analysis service uses cutting edge technology to highlight areas of strength to build on, and area of focus for improvement.

Our partner Study & Play USA have facilitated millions of dollars of scholarship, delivering customised outcomes for our student-athletes from a broad of range of academic and sporting levels, across all divisions of competition including Ivy League, NCAA, NAIA and Junior College.

Find out more about a tennis US College Scholarship.

In addition to daily feedback throughout the training program, each athlete is provided with detailed reporting twice per year to reflect on progress and reset goals. Some examples of areas used in planning and benchmarking include:

  • Anthropometric Measurements: Height, Weight, BMI. 
  • Tournament Performance: Ranking, Results, Match Counts
  • Physical Performance: Speed, Strength, Endurance and Agility testing
  • Psychological Performance
  • Goal Setting and Personalized Tournament Planning

This service is provided at selected events by our team of professional coaches. Our coaches assist our players with professional warm up routines; pre-match tactical discussions, scouting, match analysis and post-match debriefs. This is a vital part of the process in which our expert coaching team assists with the fast tracking of our athletes’ development. 

  • Full-time Academy players train five days a week from Monday to Friday across 4 school terms per year. Our coaching team delivers high intensity training with group coaching covering tactical, technical, physical, and psychological components. 
  • Access players also have the opportunity join our programs at various times throughout the week.
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Our academy coaches provide individual attention to assist with technical and tactical development to ensure our athletes have a strong foundation for success.  

We have two options to ensure that our students excel in both their tennis and academics.

Program Benefits

Join an award winning program

Be part of an International Tennis Academy

Be trained by high performance coaches on a program designed for elite player specialisation

Train alongside elite athletes including Nationally ranked players

Tennis & School option from Year 5

Follow a pathway to gain a US College Scholarship

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Voyager Tennis Academy is a boutique academy and admits a limited number of qualified students each year. We encourage interested students-athletes to submit an application as early as possible. Submit your application to get started today to learn more + how to arrange a free trial.   

For further information, please contact academy@voyagertennis.com

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