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Program Summary

The Voyager Tennis Academy Tennis & School program allows elite tennis players the opportunity to further develop their tennis careers whilst completing their academic studies. The program allows for daily tennis training whilst our student-athletes complete their education at the highest levels. The program has a school day structure to allow our students to dedicate the appropriate time to tennis training each day.  

The aim of the program is for students to successfully graduate from Year 12 with an HSC ATAR worthy of a U.S. or Australian College/University Scholarship. We have a 100% success rate with students graduating and passing NCAA clearing house. 

This program is for domestic and international students with students from United States, Singapore, New Zealand, India, China, Korea, France, Japan, Indonesia and more. For more information for players coming from overseas, please visit our International students page.

The Voyager Tennis Academy prides itself on providing flexible learning options for students recognizing their performance demands whilst completing their secondary schooling at the highest level via either the prestigious The McDonald College or our distance education partners.

Program Components

In addition to our training program, our athletes compete in weekly competitive match play sessions. These vary from practice matches based on key learnings from the week, UTR match play, team-based college matches, in-house competition ladders. The sessions are often filmed for our athletes to review.  

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In partnership with Precision Athletica, one of Australia’s leading High Performance Development centres. Precision’s team of exercise physiologists, strength and conditioning coaches, nutritionists and physiotherapists design and deliver programs with multiple gym and fitness sessions every week. Our athletes develop skills such as speed, agility, endurance, core stability, strength, power, balance, flexibility, and posture, whilst being able to reduce the chance of short and long-term repetitive injuries. 

tennis development program

The Tennis Specific Musculoskeletal Screen is designed and delivered by Precision Athletica for Injury Prevention and Performance Enhancement. This provides our athletes with access to the same level of practitioners and high-performance training equipment that professional athletes and Olympians would have access to.

Our partner from Mentally Tough Tennis delivers our psychology program. This provides our athletes with the tools and strategies to take advantage of their physical, technical, and tactical skills in practice and matches. Also provided are tennis parenting workshops, to empower parents to nurture healthy psychological development.

Our athletes have access to video analysis and analytics through our partners at GT Stats. This is the same level of service that is currently delivered to leading ATP and WTA Tour players. Our video analysis service uses cutting edge technology to highlight areas of strength to build on, and area of focus for improvement.

Our partner Study & Play USA have facilitated millions of dollars of scholarship, delivering customised outcomes for our student-athletes from a broad of range of academic and sporting levels, across all divisions of competition including Ivy League, NCAA, NAIA and Junior College.

Find out more about a tennis US College Scholarship.

The McDonald College

The McDonald College is a private, independent school founded over 30 years ago with the performance student in mind. Recognizing to achieve mastery in any field, dedication and a significant amount of time is required to develop the skills to become world class.

The College understands that students working at an elite performance level will require understanding and support to attend tournaments and be personally organized and disciplined to complete all academic requirements concurrently.

With the College located close to our tennis venues, our students are transported daily to and from the venue gaining access to our world class venue & coaching team. This ultimately enables our students the opportunity to pursue their dreams and aspirations without the usual sacrifices both parents and students have to make.

For more information about the college visit The McDonald College website.

Academic achievements

Top 10% of NSW Schools

100% completing Year 12 achieve the NSW HSC

1 in 5 achieve an ATAR OVER 90

Over 50% of our graduates achieve an ATAR of 80+

Each year our graduates are offered places in Australia’s TOP 3 UNIVERSITIES
Studying subjects such as Medical Science, Engineering, Law, Criminal Justice & Cybersecurity

Program benefits

100% of students being NCAA eligible

100% of students being offered US College placements

Entry offered to students from Year 5

75% more court time than other academy programs in Sydney

Distance education

For families looking for additional flexibility to meet the demanding needs of the student athlete we also have the option of the distance education pathway.

There are many benefits of distance education, some of which are as follows:

  • Freedom and flexibility – Students have the freedom to attend school no matter where they are in the world within a time frame that suits.
  • Time effectiveness – Students can work at their own pace.
  • More learning options – Students have a wide range of subject choices that are not offered at all schools.

Who is distance education for?

Distance education is not for everyone, it can be a challenging and lonely road without the social dynamic of classmates and the teacher driven model which a traditional school has to offer. For a successful student we typically see the following characteristics & environment:

  • Highly focused and motivated
  • Strong time management skills
  • Committed
  • Supportive parents/family

Distance education providers

There are many reputable Distance Education providers to choose from. Currently our students are enrolled with the following providers:

Australian Christian College (ACC)
ACC is based in Marsden Park NSW and is “committed to transforming young people spiritually, academically, socially and physically for lives of significance and service”. The ACC program is approximately $800 p/a.

Australian Christian College, Sydney | Primary and High School

Laurel Springs School
Laurel Springs is US based program which specialises in their students transitioning to NCAA College programs. Their mission is to “Engage global learners in an education that values them as individuals, integrating their passions and pursuits into academic and career pathways, and fostering inquiry, growth, mastery, purpose, and independence.”

Laurel Springs School has two programs with their Mainstream Education program which is approx. $9,950 and Honours program which is approx. $18,900 p/a.

Online Private School | K-12 Education | Laurel Springs

For further details please email

Accommodation options

The McDonald College Boarding House is available for boys and girls. The boarding house is on campus at The McDonald College which is in close vicinity to our training base in Concord. 

For our regional, interstate & international athletes, this is a fantastic option. All details of the boarding program are available here.

For distance education students and those not wishing to board at The McDonald School there are a range of other accommodation options:

  • The Australian Homestay Network is Australia’s largest and most recognised homestay provider. Homestay provides an enriching and memorable cultural experience which provides our students a further support network + a truly Australian experience. For more information visit AHN – Australian Homestay Network – Hosting Australia
  • For short-term stays while you are in Sydney, click here to view the
    accommodation options near Concord.

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