Environmental & Social Sustainability

Voyager Tennis is committed to play a positive role in the community and to consider the environmental and social impact of our business decisions.

For the Planet

Voyager Tennis has an ongoing environmental program with the aim of reducing carbon emissions, improving recycling processes and our impact. Below are a few of our key environmental initiatives:

100% carbon neutral
Voyager is 100% carbon neutral through our partnership with Greenfleet as we offset our carbon emissions through native reforestation.

Game on Recycling 
We have partnered with Game On Recycling to address the environmental concern of tennis balls ending up in landfills or in our waterways, and eventually into the ocean. With more than 10,000 coaching balls used per term at Voyager, the recycling program has a big impact.

LED lights 
We have proactively installed LED court lighting at our venues equating to more than 75  environmentally friendly lit courts . Our goal is for 100% of managed facilities to use energy efficient LED lights by the end of 2024.

Shoes for Planet Earth
We support the charity Shoes for Planet Earth by collecting unwanted sports shoes that are in good condition. If you can contribute please hand your shoes in at Willis Park reception or Illawarra Tennis Centre .

Recycling bins
We are in the process of rolling out recycling bins at venues and 100% waste recycling at each site with our partner Bingo.

Installation of automatic timers
Implemented timers on bathroom lights and taps in all sites that automatically turn off.

Greenfleet Certificate

For our Communities

Everyone is welcome at Voyager Tennis! Voyager Tennis is an inclusive organisation that is committed to providing opportunities to all people to enjoy the health and wellbeing benefits of tennis and other sports.

We commit to:

  • Encourage participation from all members of the community regardless of ability, cultural background, gender or sexuality
  • Adapt programs for differing levels of mental and physical disabilities and ensure they are delivered in a friendly and nurturing environment
  • Deal with diverse, local and socially responsible suppliers and partners
  • Consult community stakeholders about business decisions
  • Support community initiatives

For more information visit Inclusivity and Diversity.

For our Team

Voyager Tennis actively improves the environment in which our team from all across the World works, including promoting diversity, equity and inclusion.

  • Enhance workplace health and safety
  • Develop a code of ethics and eliminate workplace discrimination
  • Equal career and development opportunities

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